21 January, 2015

RESCUECELL | A cost-effective, robust and lightweight SAR tech

23 December, 2014

RESCUECELL – Final Meeting in Barcelona

After 24 months the RESCUECELL project has celebrated its final meeting. During this meeting the RTD performers presented the last results product of their work within the project. The final system was presented to the SMEs as well as the recommendations to commercialize this promising technology.



30 October, 2014

Rescuecell stimulation exercise yields excellent results

In the margins of the Month 21 Meeting, Rescuecell – a portable kit for detecting people trapped and buried in collapsed buildings, ruins and avalanches –  was put to the test in a stimulation exercise in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The testing, carried out in a collapsed building, gave the Rescuecell team a unique opportunity to test out the kit for the first time in a controlled stimulation exercise covering an area of approximately 3000m2. This allowed the team to collate performance data and carry out checks on battery life as well as determine any final improvements to need to be made as the project enters its final phase.

“The validation test has been a great success and fruit of lots of hard work. We managed to achieve incredibly promising levels of accuracy so from a technical side we´re really happy”, added Leonardo Santiago, Research Engineer and Rescuecell Project Coordinator at Ateknea.

Also at the testing site was the mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Lazaros Kirizoglou, who was on hand to support Project Rescuecell and to thank the Helenic Rescue Team for organizing the stimulation exercise.

Now Rescuecell engineers involved in this project – co-funded under the EU´s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) – are set to work on minor improvements in the algorithms before the project comes to an end in December.

Rescuecell_M21 meeting_1


21 July, 2014

SMI COMMUNICATION welcomed the RESCUECELL team in Heldburg for a General Meeting of the Project

During the technical part of the meeting, each one of the RTD performers presented the technical progress of the development of the RESCUECELL technology. Also some key points of the technology were defined.

In addition, a review of administrative and financial issues regarding the associated research was presented by ATEKNEA Solutions Catalonia, S.A. as Coordinator. In this part of the meeting the Consortium discussed about the Exploitation and Business Plan activities to carry out in the immediate future at European level for the current year.

News Picture

 RESCUECELL at SMI Communication (Heldburg, Germany)

3 July, 2014

RESCUECELL in the News

La Razón, a well-known Spanish newspaper, has included in his Technology section, an article about locating mobile phones belonging to trapped victims in avalanches of collapsed buildings. The aim of the RESCUECELL project is to develop an accurate location system by creating a cost-effective and portable kit for emergency search services.

To read the whole article in Spanish, please, follow the link:

Entorno Inteligente and Hora Punta, another Spanish newspapers, also talk about it.

Please, follow the links to read the articles in Spanish:;ctimas-de-grandes-cataacute;strofes-en-zonas-sin-cobertura-01072014

30 April, 2014

RESCUECELL is Back in Chamonix

This time Chamonix was the place for the 15 month Technical Meeting. After 15 months of project’s life the team of researchers have fascinating results. The advances and improvements after the first test trials were presented, including all the work performed after the Review Meeting in Brussels at the end of last year yet there is still work to do and more tests to perform. RESCUECELL technology is promising and the consortium will keep working until the end of the project to overcome the challenges of creating this novel technology.


RESCUECELL at Mer de Glace (Chamonix, France)

18 December, 2013

RESCUECELL in Brussels – Review Meeting by the REA

The RESCUECELL consortium meets in Brussels the capital of Belgium and de facto the capital of the European Union (EU). The first day a moth 12 “General Meeting” was held. For the second day a Review Meeting at the Research Executive Agency (REA) was held.

Rescuecell Group Picture, 8th July, 2013

Review Meeting – Brussels – REA Facilities

A project review as well as the main outputs of the first period of the project were presented and discussed. The Project Officer provided feedback to the consortium as well as recommendations for the second period of the project.

The Review Meeting was a success. RESCUECELL technology is promising and the consortium will keep working on the second period to overcome the challenges of creating this novel technology.

7 November, 2013

Visiting MIRA Telecom’s facilities in Bucharest

A technical meeting took place on the last October 24th and 25th in Romania. It was part of the team’s planned schedule for meetings, announcing in this case that the project has arrived to the ninth month of development. The Rescuecell entire team met in Bucharest first of all to visit MIRA Telecom’s facilities, home of the Romanian partner, secondly to proceed with the meeting.

Among other aspects related to financial and administrative issues, the team attended a mountain planet exhibition, discussed the current status of the technical progresses and decided also to schedule future meetings.

The group also agreed on the next steps in the tasks related to the dissemination of the project for the second period.

mira telecom facilities in romania

Mira Telecom’s facilities


6 September, 2013

RescueCell at the Emergency Services Show

Taking place at NEC in Birmingham, The Emergency Services Show 2013 is the key event for anyone involved in emergency planning, response or recovery, both in the UK and abroad. Last year saw 400 exhibitors and well over 4,000 visitors.

UPC in behalf of RESCUECELL, will participate in this event. This is a unique opportunity to present the project to the representatives of exhibiting companies and organisations related to the SAR industry

Do not miss the opportunity to join the UPC team and enjoy the Emergency Services Show with us by contacting us at


More information can be found at:

16 July, 2013

Meeting for a project update in Budapest on Month 6

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, named also the Paris of the East, was the city selected for the Month 6 meeting of the Rescuecell Project on 8th – 9th of July 2013.

Rubin Informatikai Zrt. partners, who are based in Budapest, hosted the meeting and invited the other partners to a visit  to its facilities before the work sessions.

Rescuecell Group Picture, 8th July, 2013



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